Windwalker Monk Leveling Spec 6.2.3

Below is the best 6.2 Windwalker Monk Leveling Spec for dungeons, questing, fast leveling etc… These talents are not set in stone because the playstyle of the player is what really dictates what should be chosen. However, these wind monk 6.2 leveling talents have shown to work great for most players.

Having the right talents is important, but knowing the right rotation will optimize your leveling, pvp, and raiding the most.
Click Here For an Addon With Premade 6.2 Rotations



(Macro tutorial below. May help with leveling faster)

Level 15 – Celerity
Nice talent to have for solo leveling because you can go from mob to mob quickly.


Level 30 – Zen Sphere
Nice short cooldown on this, which really helps put out more damage or side heals if you need them.


Level 45 – Power Strikes
Chi will become a very easy resource to get once you pick this up because it goes together well with Jab.


Level 60 – Charging Ox Wave
If you need to heal up, pop Ox Wave, then heal up. Also, really helps when enemies are trying to flee from you.


Level 75 – Healing Elixirs
This gives you a nice heal on a short CD. If you plan on leveling solo until level cap, Healing Elixirs is the way to go.


Level 90 – Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger
All three talents can be used here because the enemies once you hit 90 will get a lot tougher. I like picking this up for the extra dps it can put out.

Copy & Paste Macros from Here


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