Windwalker Monk Leveling Spec 7.0.3 (WoW Legion)

Below is the best Windwalker Monk Leveling Spec 7.0.3 for dungeons, questing, fast leveling etc… These talents are not set in stone, as the playstyle of the player is what really dictates what should be chosen. However, these wind monk 7.0.3 leveling talents have shown to work great for most players.

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Level 15 – Chi Wave
Really nice AoE heal/damage ability that works for solo questing and dungeon leveling.


Level 30 – Celerity
Allows you to move around the map much faster while leveling.


Level 45 – Energizing Elixir
This talent will allow you to get off your DPS combos more often.


Level 60 – Leg Sweep
Provides you with a crowd control ability in emergency situations.


Level 75 – Healing Elixir
Nice self-heal that will keep you moving while you level.


Level 90 – Hit Combo
Great to pickup at this level, as the enemies will get much tougher.


Level 100 – Whirling Dragon Punch
This talent will allow you to AoE pull multiple 100+ enemies without a problem.


Leveling Tip: Dungeons & Questing = Max Leveling Efficiency!

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